Better Solutions for Staff Housing

March 20, 2018

Rhodes PNG has added staff housing projects such as its Port Moresby Koki Estate for Nambawan Super, to its suite of product offerings. With an increasing number of companies following Oil Search’s lead and implementing home ownership schemes to attract and retain staff, Rhodes PNG Co-Founder, Andrew Avenell sees value in pursuing business partnerships in this area. Rhodes offers a complete turn-key service – design, manufacture, supply and construct.

Ever since Rhodes finalised Nambawan Super’s staff housing estate, they have received numerous enquiries about high quality and yet affordable staff housing from big-brand PNG companies. Rhodes designed, manufactured, delivered and built 22 homes for Nambawan Super staff and is busy quoting on similar projects throughout PNG for other companies who realise that great staff deserve better housing. Employer-provided housing has become a key strategy to attracting and retaining staff in PNG especially at the managerial level.

More importantly, when companies do invest in providing housing for their staff, they want quality buildings – homes that are long lasting and have minimum maintenance requirements. Using quality grade steel, Rhodes homes are homes for life. Being vertically integrated – with their own factories and manufacturing operations, their own range of building products and the ability to construct – Rhodes can offer high quality products at competitive prices. Irrespective of where companies would like to build houses for staff, Rhodes can deliver – they can supply and construct anywhere in PNG – in fact their ability to build in challenging environments has earned them a reputation that is second to none in PNG.

Photo: Aerial view of the Koki Housing Estate.

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