Community & Environment

Rhodes buildings. Better for communities, better for the environment.

Caring for our communities and environment is at the heart of our corporate values.

Our ISO 14001 Certification is proof of our commitment to sustainability and safeguarding the environment.

We provide affordable, sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings – buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment but a maximum impact on quality of life, health, education and development. Buildings that boost business success, facilitate employment, and improve economies.

At Rhodes we focus on not just reducing the operational energy requirements of our buildings but also their embodied energy. From design all the way through to construction, our multidisciplinary and dedicated R&D team is on a continuous quest for sustainable and green alternatives that not only save energy but also water and materials, as well as reduce CO². We know that when we improve the green credentials of our buildings we positively impact the lives of those in our communities and create real value for our clients.

Our sustainable ‘hire local whenever possible’ philosophy means that more money stays in our footprint communities. It also means that we upskill local workers. These new skills help secure additional employment and are put to good use in other ways in the community. Similarly, we partner with local businesses, simultaneously supporting them while integrating their local expertise in to our supply chains.

Rhodes also supports and champions numerous health and education initiatives that benefit the communities we work in. Our key corporate social responsibility programs focus on activities to advance girls and women and safeguard our environment.

Rhodes buildings. Leaving an enduring positive impact on communities and the environment.