Technology + R&D

Technology driven innovation and creative solutions for clients are part of our business model and central to our capacity to deliver sustainable, affordable and quality buildings.

Our focus on innovation is deliberate and planned, generating real value for our clients and communities.

Our capacity to innovate at every stage – from the early days of design all the way through to construction – is supported by considerable investment in technology and a dedicated and multi-disciplinary R&D team.

Technology, in combination with research and development underpin everything we do – design, manufacture, supply and construct.

Dedicated R&D Team

Our R&D team is constantly pushing barriers and exploring innovative ways to help deliver better buildings and enhanced sustainability – better for our clients, better for our communities, and better for our environment.

From design through to construction, the Rhodes R&D team is identifying, testing and helping implement sustainable and green alternatives that not only save energy but also water and materials, as well as reduce CO².

Investment in R&D has produced sustainability-enhanced materials and processes like our climate change resilient concreting formwork FormCad through to full building systems for challenging sites. We use 3D printing to both prototype and innovate. Our state-of-the-art light gauge steel reformers produce nearly 10 times more output than their wood counterparts.

Technology drives our client-centred and sustainable innovations. These innovations are shared across projects and countries of operation, an example of which is FormCad. Initially developed in Fiji in response to a request to build cyclone proof, affordable family housing, FormCad is now used in our property development projects in the Philippines and in government buildings in Papua New Guinea.

We use technology to innovate, creating new and better materials, processes and buildings. Uncovering innovative and sustainable solutions that provide real client value and drive our success.