Healthy Women, Healthy Economies: A Guidebook for SMEs.

A Guidebook for SMES

Rhodes is committed to supporting and helping to build up the careers of women in our local community. Both USAid and APEC have come together to produce the following guidebook, which provides a comprehensive toolkit for how Small-to-Medium-Enterprises can involve and utilise women-resources in the workplace in a way that meets HWHE goals.

“For women to reach their full economic potential, they need to have access to adequate health care and a workplace free of safety and gender-based violence issues. In response, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) provides a unique multi-economy forum to identify and promote policies and practices that address these concerns. Since 2014, APEC has promoted programs and policies that foster better health outcomes for women across the Asia-Pacific region, leading to their greater economic participation and empowerment, which in turn, is crucial for economic growth. The APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies (HWHE) Initiative was launched in 2014 by the United States and the Philippines in partnership with the private sector to break down health-related barriers for women to enter, remain, and advance in the workforce. The initiative looks at five areas: (1) workplace health and safety, (2) health access and awareness, (3) gender-based violence, (4) sexual and reproductive health, and (5) work-life balance.”

Authors: Dr. Ruta Aidis and Caroline Rubin

Source: USAid

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