Our Buildings


Homes for Life

We provide families with better homes. Homes that are affordable, durable and designed for the environment in which they are built. A Rhodes home is a ‘home for life’.

Our Buildings

Our commitment to families all over the world is to build them affordable, durable and better homes.

There are lots of options when choosing your Rhodes home. You can select one of our ‘off the shelf’ models or have a custom designed home. The choice is yours. No matter which option you prefer, you can rest assured that the quality and durability of your home is second to none.

Another choice we offer is where you want to live in your Rhodes home. We can deliver your home to the remotest, most challenging location, or you can live in one of our sought after housing estates.

Rhodes can build your home for you, or, we can provide you or your chosen builder with everything you need to build it yourself – that’s another benefit of our prefabricated and modular systems.

At Rhodes we understand that our clients benefit from living in environmentally sustainable homes. Our incorporation of solar, passive cooling, water recycling, and systems that minimise waste of building materials, not only result in saving our clients money, they also help us look after our environment.

We believe that every family, no matter in which country they live, deserves a quality home. Our commitment to families all over the world is to build them affordable, durable and better homes.

Staff Housing

We also have a proven track record in building better staff housing. Stand-alone homes or multi-family buildings. One bedroom or as many as required. Single level or multi-level. Let Rhodes provide you with affordable, durable, and low maintenance homes to help you look after your staff.

Social Infrastructure

Empowering Communities

We believe that every community, no matter in which country, deserves quality social infrastructure. Our commitment to communities all over the world is to provide them with affordable, durable and better buildings to help them develop, thrive and prosper.

We empower communities by providing them with better social infrastructure.

In a growing number of countries, children are being educated in Rhodes schools, lives are being saved in Rhodes medical centres, and justice is being ensured in Rhodes court houses. Our buildings are central to community development, health and sustainability.

We have a proven track record in delivering a diverse array of social infrastructure buildings that are Australian standards compliant, low maintenance, and durable. A Rhodes building is built to last.
Just as importantly, a Rhodes building saves clients time and money – upwards of 25%. This is because our prefabricated and modular system of building means that much less time is spent on the actual job site. A quicker build is a more cost-effective build.

Our social infrastructure clients include aid organisations, governments, and communities themselves.
We offer a ‘concept-to completion’ service but can easily partner with other companies to deliver your social infrastructure project. Our team can custom design your buildings, provide the prefabricated and modular components, and source all of the necessary materials, but leave the actual construction up to someone else – the choice is yours.

At Rhodes we understand that communities benefit from environmentally sustainable buildings. This is why we design our buildings with local environmental factors and constraints in mind. Our incorporation of solar, passive cooling, water recycling, and systems that minimise waste of building materials, not only save clients and communities money, they also help minimise our environmental footprint.

It is not just our buildings that benefit and empower communities. It is the better way in which Rhodes works with these communities to deliver them. Our commitment to ‘hire local whenever possible’ together with our stakeholder engagement expertise builds positive community relationships from day one. Communities also benefit from our health and gender equity education programmes.

Industrial & Facilities

Safety by Design

Our specialisation is prefabricated and modular buildings, which means much of the construction takes place on our factory floor. Quality is precisely controlled and there is minimal risk of delays due to bad weather or labour shortages. This is how we save your company time and money – upwards of 25%.

We provide a diversity of buildings for ‘big business’ with a special focus on the mining and oil and gas sectors. Our buildings incorporate safety in to their very design.

Staff accommodation, warehouses, office blocks, even schools and health clinics for your footprint communities, and more. Single level or multi-level. In the city or on a remote jungle mountain top. No matter where you’re located or what buildings you require, Rhodes will deliver.

Our vertical integration enables us to efficiently and effectively provide a ‘concept to completion’ service – a complete turnkey management of your building project requirements. Alternatively, let us design your buildings, as well as manufacture and deliver their prefabricated or modular components, then have another business partner manage the construction – the choice is yours.

Fully compliant to Australian Standards, or other national standards as specified by our clients, Rhodes buildings are quality controlled and built to last. Importantly, our designs, waste minimisation techniques and choice of materials ensure that our buildings help clients minimise their environmental footprint. Good for our clients, good for their communities.

We have a proven track record in delivering better buildings to the extractives industry in multiple countries. Our safety systems and compliance is therefore second to none. Safety is not only incorporated into the design of every Rhodes building but in the way they are constructed. Our prefabricated and modular systems ensure a shorter construction time at your workplace and therefore minimise the time for safety incident occurrence.

We know that mining and oil and gas companies, as well as ‘big business’ in general benefit from our buildings. Our commitment is to provide you with better buildings that save you time and money – resources that you can better invest in your core business.