Our Process

We do things differently at Rhodes and we do them better. Our process, from design all the way through to construction, has every necessary quality and compliance check inbuilt to ensure that we deliver better buildings.


We are a design led company. Contemporary and creative, Rhodes’ design system uses prefabricated and modular components to create a diversity of configurations for all sorts of buildings – houses, social infrastructure, facilities and industrial. We design ‘off-the-shelf’ standardised buildings as well as customised and unique configurations. Our international team has considerable expertise in climate change resilient and geo-climatic design.

Flexible Systems

Our building systems are architecturally and structurally designed using the highest quality prefabricated galvanised steel framing. Our customers benefit because we use FRAMECAD to help us deliver our buildings.

Solid Modular System This system ensures the majority of construction is completed on our factory floor, including fixtures and finishes. It is perfect for remote sites where labour is hard to find or expensive.

FormCad System This is an innovative and efficient concrete construction system developed by Rhodes. FormCad uses an engineered framing and forming system as a superior alternative to traditional concrete block work. Light gauge steel studs act as the core framing and is further strengthened using reinforcement bars. 50 percent of the construction is done off-site and a skilled on-site workforce is not necessary. FormCad is not crane dependent and is perfect for cyclonic and seismic prone regions.

Flat Pack System Building materials are flat packed in to a compact stack protected by floor and ceiling panels for transport. It is self-supporting up to 3 storeys high and achieves a high level of thermal comfort. This system is ideal for dormitories, hotels and multi-storey offices.

Light Steel Framing System Using highly advanced software, cold rolled steel framing is engineered and cut to size. It is highly flexible and ideal for residential and commercial applications where unique designs are valued.

Each of our flexible systems is customisable, whilst maintaining simplicity and build ability in various project applications.

Our Factories

Our technology driven factories fabricate a range of modern, high quality and durable building systems, components and building products.

Quantity is also important. With more than 25,000m2 of manufacturing space, we have ample capacity to produce high volumes of whatever it is you require.

Assembly (Not Traditional Construction)

Why construct when you can just assemble? Customers of our factory made prefabricated and modular building components benefit from a modern and efficient assembly process on their job site. Use our easy-to-follow instruction manuals to help you simply slot and join the components together.

Quality assurance is built in to our simple yet high tech process and it is more time and cost effective than the traditional construction process. Less time on the jobsite means greater savings for our customers – upwards of 25%. And with our ongoing investment in R&D and sustainability we will continue to bring even greater cost efficiencies to our builds.

Supply Chain

Our global supply chain infrastructure and vertical integration, including our own factories and warehousing facilities, provides customers with seamless service, resulting in efficient builds. We save you both time and money because you don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers and manufacturers involved in traditional builds.


Sustainability underpins every aspect of Rhodes’ operations – design, manufacturing, supply, construction. Our designs, systems, processes and materials minimise waste and energy consumption before, during and after construction. Rhodes buildings are energy efficient to produce and use – we maximise the use of solar, as well as passive heating and cooling design. Maintenance requirements are minimal. Our steel framing is durable, and safe with exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion and pests. Responsibly designed, manufactured, supplied and constructed, Rhodes buildings are sustainable buildings.

We have particular expertise in sustainable buildings for remote and challenging environments.