What We Do

Irrespective of the type of building you need, and no matter how remote or challenging the building environment, Rhodes will provide you with a better building.

We create and deliver buildings for social infrastructure, affordable housing and commercial needs.  We provide families, communities and businesses all over the world with better buildings. Many of our buildings are in remote and challenging locations.

Our prefabricated and modular steel framed buildings are architecturally and structurally designed with minimal wastage and maximum durability. Our better systems and global expertise allow us to remove unnecessary time and costs from the building process, resulting in considerable savings for our clients – upwards of 25%.

Unlike most other companies in the construction industry, we are vertically integrated AND we invest in innovation. Vertical integration means that we have maximum control over our quality standards and supply chain. Our investment in innovation and productivity improvements has resulted in a smarter, faster and better way to build.