Leaders and Followers in the Engineering & Construction Industry

The 2019 KMPG Global Construction Survey is a very useful tool for understanding how businesses can become future-ready, as well as navigate the fear and uncertainty of technological advancement.

“The Global Construction Survey 2019 is all about the future. In the following pages, you will find examples of how leading organizations are investing effectively in technology, people and project culture to become more future-ready.

And this year we have also introduced a new concept: the Future-Ready Index — a way for the industry and individual players to measure and benchmark their preparedness for what lies ahead. We also discuss the results and the subsequent implications and include a simple self-assessment tool (see page 30) to allow comparisons with your peers and provide a reference point for developing or enhancing your capital programs. Our Value map (page 32) considers the potential value from investing in different
technologies, while a Strategic roadmap (page 33) plots a course to future-readiness.

Since our first Global Construction Survey in 2005, we have sought to create a collaborative and ongoing dialogue about the pressing issues facing the engineering & construction
industry. Foremost among these is the challenge of improving our collective track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.”

Authors: KMPG                                       To find out more, click here!


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