Safety is in everything we do at Rhodes. It’s in the way we act, the way we talk and the way we think, in every country we operate.

Our ISO 18001 Certification is proof of our commitment to Occupational Health & Safety.

Safety is not only our number one priority on our job sites, it is built in to the design of our buildings, the materials we use, our manufacturing processes, and even our supply chains.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond our own organisation to collaborative efforts with clients, business partners and communities. With a track record delivering buildings for the extractives industry – an industry with the world’s strictest workplace safety legislation – our safety systems and processes are second to none.

Just as we strive to for continual improvement in all other facets of our business, so too do we strive to enhance our safety. Technology and innovation, together with employee training and development, drives continuous improvement in safety and in the management of risk. There is no such thing as too much safety.

At Rhodes, safety truly is our number one priority.