... AND WE LIKE TO DO IT PERFECTLY

Rhodes has embraced the BIM revolution. From 'Design' through to 'Handover' we rely on BIM to maximize client value. BIM underpins everything we do and equips us to deliever even better buildings.

BIM enhances our insight and gives us better tools to more efficiently design, manfacture, supply, construct and handover our buildings. With better designs come safer buildings, reduced waste, enhanced coordination of tradesmen and subcontractors, fast-tracked construction times, and the most cost effective builds, all of which are just some of the many benefits of our BIM platform.

Real time project
visulisation  and

Plan and visualize the entire project pre-construction: by including estimators earlier, we minimise expensive and time-consuming changes later.

Instant design

Digital sharing, collaborating and software versioning: cloud-based tools ensure all design stakeholders are informed, allowing them to review and amend designs ‘on-the-spot’ at any time, anywhere.

building system

A shared platform giving all stakeholders real-time information and enabling collaboration. Tradesmen and subcontractors are coordinated with and clashes are minimized.

accurate BOQ

Sophisticated model-based and data-driven estimates with superior accuracy resulting in savings at every stage: inbuilt intelligence and automation minimizes errors and disputes, ensuring cost escalation is controlled and every stakeholder benefits.


Increased prefabrication and modular construction technology enables greater detailing and building offsite: precision is assured and waste is diminished.


Efficient logistics via superior material labelling and digital tracking: not only block-chain compatible, but also more accurate ‘as-builts’ and enhanced life-cycle building management & maintenance.