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Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Policy Toolkit

Better health outcomes for women lead to women’s greater economic participation, which leads to an economy’s higher economic growth. Evidence and good practices exist on how to improve women’s health for greater economic participation. However, these are not available in one place and easily accessible. The objective of this Policy Toolkit is to present this […]

Leaders and Followers in the Engineering & Construction Industry

The 2019 KMPG Global Construction Survey is a very useful tool for understanding how businesses can become future-ready, as well as navigate the fear and uncertainty of technological advancement. “The Global Construction Survey 2019 is all about the future. In the following pages, you will find examples of how leading organizations are investing effectively in […]

Healthy Women Healthy Economies – Making The Business Case Report

With women still facing gender bias in the workplace across the board, the ability for nations of the world to meet the UN’s 17 Sustainable Goals is hindered. Studies have shown that by empowering women in the workforce, the greater level of diverse skills and perspectives would improve the financial performance of businesses and boost […]

Seizing opportunity in today’s construction technology ecosystem

In September of 2018, Mckinsey & Co. penned a comprehensive analysis into the modern day compatibility of emerging technologies and the construction industry. By researching growing trends, new solutions and methods of technological usage, recommendations for seizing opportunities for development and growth are also provided. “After decades of under-digitization, the engineering and construction (E&C) sector is […]

Healthy Women, Healthy Economies: A Guidebook for SMEs.

Rhodes is committed to supporting and helping to build up the careers of women in our local community. Both USAid and APEC have come together to produce the following guidebook, which provides a comprehensive toolkit for how Small-to-Medium-Enterprises can involve and utilise women-resources in the workplace in a way that meets HWHE goals. “For women […]

2019 Papua New Guinea Real Estate Survey

In 2019, conducted an electronically distributed survey to identify changes in home-ownership and the views of prospective buyers/renters. Some of the most notable finds include the following: Positive growth in middle-income earners across the country, suggesting a greater capacity to enter the property market. Most renters prefer apartments; a big changes compared to the […]

Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity

      As a forerunner for affordable, prefabricated modular homes, Rhodes aims to continue innovating and investing in areas that foster greater levels of productivity. For long-term goals, the 2017 Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity report by the McKinsey Global Institute goes into detail about  how investing in 7 particular areas and […]

Building A Technology Advantage – Global Construction Survey

KPMG’s Global Construction Survey has identified some interesting points on harnessing the potential of technology to improve the performance of major construction projects. Some of the key findings are as follows: The industry is yet to fully embrace technology. Data volume is rising exponentially – but many are struggling to make sense of the information. […]

Shaping the Future of Construction

“Thirty measures are presented in the report, Shaping the Future of Construction: A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology as part of a construction “industry transformation framework”. The report describes and promotes the effort needed by all stakeholders for the industry to fully realize its potential for change.” Source: World Economic Forum To find out more, click […]